ILCC Criminal Justice Program has New Virtual Reality Simulator

–Iowa Lakes Community has recently added a tool in their Criminal Justice Program that can be utilized by not only students, but local law enforcement as well. Chris Gerstbrein is the Co-Coordinator for the Criminal Justice Program at Iowa Lakes, and he tells KLGA News they have added an immersive virtual reality law enforcement training simulator, something they had wanted to get for a number of years now. 

The Appex Officer Training program will allow students and professionals to enter a virtual world with virtual suspects, virtual tools and virtual scenarios, including everything from routine traffic stops to active shooter situations. Gerstbrein says it will really help students simulate some situations that can become dangerous if not handled properly. 

Gertsbrein says they hope local law enforcement will continue to use the system to better train their officers. 

The new program has been well received by students, and will provide them training opportunities that simply weren’t available before. 


Although no two situations will ever be exactly alike, students at Iowa Lakes will be able to learn from scenarios in the Appex Officer Program with training that will prepare them to enter the career field upon graduation.