Libertarian Candidate for Gov. Makes Stop in Algona

–Several candidates for elected office made their way through the Kossuth County Fair parade Tuesday, including one who’s looking to become Iowa’s next Governor. Rick Stewart will be on the ballot this fall as the Libertarian candidate facing off with Republican Governor Kim Reynolds and Democrat Dedre DeJear. Stewart says he’s been traveling all over the state, appearing in as many parades and festivals as he can. 


Stewart says having more than two major political parties would be beneficial to American voters. 

Stewart says having one party control each branch of Iowa’s government is never a good thing. 

Third party advocates are seeking a switch to ranked choice voting, a system that is already in place for primary elections in Maine and Alaska. Stewart says he would support a move to ranked choice voting in Iowa. 

Stewart has sought public office in Iowa on more than one occasion recently. He ran as the Libertarian candidate in the 2020 Iowa Senate race won by Republican Joni Ernst and in the 2018 race for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture.