Gambling Regulators to get Good Look at Sports Betting in Iowa

The new fiscal year began in July for the state’s casinos and sports betting operations. Racing and Gaming Administrator, Brian Ohorilko says this may be the first year we get a true read on the sports gambling market in the state. 


This past fiscal year saw double the amount of sports betting in the state compared to the previous year.  Ohorilko says that happened as the number of sports books were still just getting launched.  

The rules changed so you didn’t have to sign up at a casino to bet online.  Ohorilko says one thing that may impact sports gambling is the sports books aren’t as aggressive in seeking customers as they were when trying to get into the market. 


You are required to physically be in the state to place a sports bet using an Iowa application. Ohorilko says that has led to some cross-border betting. 

Ohorilko reminds everyone though to keep the dollar brought in by sports betting in perspective. 

Sports betting in Iowa topped two-point-four BILLION dollars in the just-completed fiscal year. Ohorilko says 91 percent of the betting is done online.