Pipeline Project has 20% of Necessary Easements in Kossuth County

–The Kossuth County Board of Supervisors received an update on the proposed carbon capture pipeline that would run through the southern part of the county at their meeting this week. Kaley Langrell is a Stakeholder Relations Manager for Turn Key Logistics, the company hired by Summit Carbon Solutions to assist with the project, and she says that they are not as far along when it comes to easements in Kossuth County as they are in other parts of the state. 

Earlier this month, officials with Summit stated the company has about 40% of the easements they would need for the project here in Iowa. Langrell also discussed the process for fixing any roads damaged by the project. 

The proposed pipeline would run through Kossuth County about 5 miles south of Highway 18. While Summit hopes to have construction underway by August of 2023, the project will still need approval from the Iowa Utilities Board, and that won’t happen until Spring of next year at the earliest.