Rare Giant Elk Spotted in Kossuth County

–A video showing a Giant Elk walking across a field in Southern Kossuth County went viral on Wednesday, sparking interest all around the area. Kossuth County Naturalist Billie Willie tells KLGA News that a sighting like this doesn’t happen often.

Willie says the video that popped on Facebook today is not the only sighting of the creature in our area.

Willie says the Elk will likely try and stay away from area residents.

The video was posted to the “Iowa Chill” page on Facebook (facebook.com/iowachill) and indicates it was taken near Lu Verne. According to the website www.wildlifeinformer.com, only a handful of elk remain in Iowa, all on private land, including the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge near Prairie City which has a small Elk herd. Conservation Officials estimate the Elk population in Iowa was even higher than the Bison population back in 18th and 19th centuries, before they were both hunted out of existence in the state.