Supervisors Discuss Whether or Not to Officially Adjourn After Meetings


–The Kossuth County Board of Supervisors did not move forward with a motion to resume the practice of officially adjourning their weekly meetings on Tuesday. County Attorney Todd Holmes spoke to the board about concerns that had been raised to him regarding adjournment.

Holmes spoke on behalf of the County during the hearing of the Iowa Public Information Board on May 20th. A complaint had been filed with the IPIB earlier this year, with concerns centering on the fact that the board was no longer officially adjourning their meetings or recording them for the public record. He says he was asked last year whether or not the board needs to officially adjourn their meetings each week.


While it is not required by law, Holmes advised the board that it would be good practice to officially adjourn each meeting.


Holmes also stated that it would be a good idea for the board to officially adjourn their meetings to deal with complaints about a lack of transparency from the board.


Despite the recommendations from the County Attorney, the board did not approve a motion from Supervisor Kyle Stecker to officially adjourn each week, as the motion failed to garner a second. The board will discuss the matter again next week, along with how they could record meetings for play-back by the public. An area resident reached out to the IPIB earlier this year, concerned that by not adjourning, the board could conduct official business out of sight from the public.

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