Scam Calls Make Resurgence Around Kossuth County

–Scam calls are once again targeting Kossuth County residents as close 2 dozen calls have been reported to local law enforcement in the last 48 hours. Algona Police Chief Kendall Pals tells KLGA News that area residents need to be vigilant and not give out information on the phone.

Pals says these calls have a lot of red flags that should tip you off to the fact it is a scammer.


Pals says these scammers wouldn’t make calls if they weren’t successful every once in a while.


The most recent set of scams involves someone reporting to be from the IRS or from the Social Security Administration. If you have been victimized by one of these scams, contact the Algona Police Department at 515-295-3515 or the Kossuth County Sheriff’s Department at 515-295-3514.

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