Mar 14

Sloppy Roads Become Problem for Schools

–Both Algona and North Union Schools will only be running their busses on hard surfaces until further notice.

Algona Schools Interim Superintendent Tom Williams sent notification to all parents in the district Wednesday, saying student safety is the primary motivation for the decision.

Algona bus drivers will be contacting parents on their route to determine drop off/pick up locations for each student over the weekend. Anyone who is not contacted by 3 PM Sunday is asked to call Transportation Director Merrill Mueller at 515-341-0794.

Currently Algona Schools are on Spring Break, with classes set to resume on Monday.

North Union Schools announced today that their busses will also stay on hard surfaces only, effective immediately.

Rain, along with melting snow have made many gravel roads extremely difficult, if not impossible to drive on in a regular vehicle, let alone a large school bus.

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