Sep 13

Multiple Ways to Get Severe Wx Updates in Kossuth County

–In light of last week’s tornado and flash flooding that occurred in Kossuth County, local emergency management officials are asking the public to make sure they know where to find information during a volatile weather event. Kossuth County Emergency Management Coordinator Dave Penton tells KLGA News that they will utilize five different warning systems when severe weather strikes. The first one is the outdoor warning system, commonly known as the tornado sirens. As Penton says they use the indoor warning system as well which utilizes scanners and pagers to notify people of impending storms while also contacting local media so they can reach the public.


Penton says you can set your smart-phone up to receive emergency weather information.


Many times people will call 911 if they hear the sirens or receive a message to find out what’s happening. Penton says calling 911 during an emergency could create a problem if you’re only trying to find out what’s going on.



Penton recommends that the public be able to use at least 2 of the 5 warning systems. NOAA weather radios are available for purchase at places like HyVee, Fareway or Kmart and online as well. You can find the link to sign your phone up to receive weather alerts on their website













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